About Us

Fumigation Specialists 

Welcome to Aqua & Arthropods Pest Control Pvt Ltd., an established company having a strong presence in Southern and Western India. We have a rich profile of clients, many of them leaders in their fields.

With over 25 years experience in Pest Control operations, we take pride in providing high-quality failure-free fumigation with over 30 offices and 85 loyal and committed professionals.

Aqua & Arthropods Pest Control (P) Ltd. was founded by Mr.G.Gopalakrishnan and Mr.S.Viswanathan in 1983 at Tuticorin.  The company offered anti termite treatment and general pest control in the beginning. The clients were mainly in Tuticorin. In a short time, realizing the potential of the business, a branch was opened in Chennai.

Fumigation service began with the growth of Tuticorin Port Trust.  Strong focus on customer service combined with aggressive sales efforts contributed to phenomenal growth and an ever-increasing list of clientele. The company prospered and its service was recognized by fumigation service seekers like shipping agents, and exporters of food commodities and agricultural produce.

With the founders’ expertise and skill, good fumigation practices were put in place for both Aluminium Phosphide as well as Methyl Bromide. This won for the company a reputation for highly reliable and failure-free fumigation. It also resulted in Aqua and Arthropods being the most sought-after fumigator for ship-holds and entire warehouses. A branch was opened in Cochin to cater to the growing exports from Kerala.

In 2005, it became mandatory for wooden packaging material (WPM) to be fumigated prior to export under ISPM 15. This led to an exponential increase in the demand for Methyl Bromide fumigation.

We are among the first to be accredited under the new NSPM (National Standard for Phytosanitary Measures)  for Methyl Bromide.